samedi 16 février 2013

How To Sharpen a Knife Like a Bad-Ass Boy Scout

Amputating an arm to extricate yourself from beneath a boulder. Performing an emergency sidewalk appendectomy. Severing tenacious ribbons around birthday presents. A very sharp blade makes all of these much easier to do. Here's how to hone the keenest cutter.
You Should Do This If:
You ever use a knife. Dull knives are dangerous, prone to failure, and more difficult to use than a properly sharpened blade.
Moment of Satisfaction:
Effortlessly slicing paper-thin cuts from a thick slab of meat.
Biggest Pain in the Ass:
Maintaining the proper honing angle.
Materials and Tools Required:
1 pocket knife 1 kitchen knife
1 whetstone (double-sided coarse/fine artificial stones are commonplace and inexpensive)
1 vial honing oil 
1 bottle WD40 3-In-One oil
1 honing steel
1 chopping block
1 roll of paper towels
1 lint-free terrycloth towel


Hcan increase the speed until you're doing it like Gordon Ramsay.